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ZaZa is a pack of fresh nugs that hide an insanely gassy, candy taste. It’s been described as Runtz but stronger. This Indica-dominant bud (70/30) will have you feeling dreamy, saying “ZaZa” all the way to sleep (some people call it “Za Za”). The strain provides an intense happy lift that locks you to your couch and destroys your anxiety. You’ll be snacking and sleeping when ZaZa gives you a spicy punch in the brain. zaza strain for sale

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buy zaza exotic weed, South Bay Genetics bred ZaZa from a mix of Rare Dankness and Blue Dream to produce a stunning sleepy high that lasts forever. It flowers in about 65 days, which is standard. Home cultivators love ZaZa due to its growing structure. She’s super easy to trim and has a conveniently high ratio of calyxes to leaves. The yield is pretty large as well, with a strong chemical scent pouring off the plants and mixing with a hint of lemon zest and piney earth. The buds are round green grapes with thin amber hairs and tiny crystal trichomes. When smoking properly-cured ZaZa, users taste sour gas, pine, earth, and chemical lemon. It’s zesty ammonia on your palette with spicy diesel on the exhale. Where to buy hash in NY, buy weed wax in NY


Ounce ( 28grams), Quater Pound (112grams), HP (223grams), pound ( 443grams)


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